• Bags for a good cause: Alicia San Marcos

    There are few things harder to find than the perfect travel bag. Sure, you can get a suitcase or a duffle bag, but where is the fun in that? And yeah, … Read More

    Bags for a good cause: Alicia San Marcos
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  • The Layar in Seminyak

    There is something very special about this place. It's almost like a je ne sais quoi yet the more you think about it, the reason The Layar stands out … Read More

    The Layar in Seminyak

    One of the first questions I was ever asked when I arrived in Ubud last April was, "Have you been to Fivelements?" The answer at the time was no, I … Read More

  • Essential Bali Travel Tips

    Bali seems to be one of those places that I feel at home, almost more at home than my real home in LA. So naturally, it would make sense that I've … Read More

    Essential Bali Travel Tips